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The Galaxy SC Select program represents our traditional club team set-up outside of our U13-U19 Girls Academy and Boys Elite 64 programming. Galaxy SC Select maintains teams ranging from U7-U19 on both the boys and girls sides of youth soccer. Teams compete on a National, Regional & Local level based on the competitive nature and age of each team. Players are assigned to a Select Team Roster (Blue, Black, or White) based on their level of play.

Galaxy SC Select U7-U10: The focus at these ages is to enhance and encourage individual skill development while establishing a passion for the game.  Players are encouraged to spend time with the ball to increase their comfort level with the ball at their feet.  Proper technique is the foundation for the players future development. Teams compete in local tournaments and league play in YSSL, IWSL, and CIYSL.

Galaxy SC Select U11-U12: With more players on the field, the players have new problems to solve.  Players are encouraged to be creative and play out of difficult situations.  Players roles and responsibilities are more defined. The teams are taught to work their shape with and without the ball. Teams compete in local and regional tournaments and league play in YSSL, IWSL and CIYSL.

Galaxy SC Select U13-U14:  Teams progress to 11v11.  The tactical and physical side of the game becomes more important.  Player development is still the primary focus but there is a stronger emphasis on winning.  The players technical development is still a focus but with new demands during the game players are asked to take on more responsibilities tactically. Teams compete in local/regional/national tournaments while also competing in league play through NISL, IWSL & CIYSL. Top level teams will also begin Midwest Conference and potentially National League PRO competition at these ages.

Galaxy SC Select U15-U19: An increased level of commitment is demanded from players/teams.  Results become more important and an emphasis is put on playing a highly organized attacking brand of soccer. A competitive culture with high standards and expectations is created to help teams reach a common goal.  On the field players are expected to be technically sound and have a strong understanding of the tactical side of the game.  Position specific training is introduced with increased emphasis placed on the speed of play. Off the field, players are exposed to a number of college recruitment resources to aid in the college search process. In addition to local league/tournament play, teams can attend national level showcases such as the Disney Showcase Series, PDT, Players Showcase, CASL College Showcase, Surf Cup, etc. Top teams at these ages also compete in the National League Midwest Conference &/or National League PRO.